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Summer 2021 Election


On 13 Jul 21, the Board of Directors modified the Summer 21 election process and extend the nomination period due to extenuating circumstance. Specifically:

  • filling all current vacancies in one election would contravene By-Laws requirements to elect one-third of the Board every three years;

  • Additional analysis by the Membership and Communications committees identified that some members might not have received the nomination solicitation.


As such, the Board of Directors resolved the following:

  • The nomination period is extended for two additional weeks,

  • The election of Directors and President will occur concurrently (previously in series).  

  • This cycle will elect four Directors (previously eight).  The newly-elected president will appoint additional Directors to fill remaining vacancies.  This will return the Board to the proper election cycle per the By-Laws.  

  • Any member in good standing can run both for President and Director.  The member with most votes for President will become the President, and will be removed from Board running. Next Members with the four-highest votes for Director will become Directors of the Board. 

  • Members who already nominated themselves for the Board do not require additional action unless they want to run for President as well.  

Actions were taken to ensure transparency and conformance to Constitution and By-Laws.  Please submit any questions or concerns on the Contact Form

President and Board of Directors

Nomination Period (Extended)

4-31 July

Qualified candidates complete the nomination form with short biography via the online form.  Qualified candidates are Capitol Club members in good standing as of 31 July 2021.

Voting Period

17 AUG - 01 OCT

All members in good standing of their AOC membership will receive an email with instructions on how to complete electronic voting.  

Election Results Announced

05 OCT

The Nominating Committee will certify results and the Communications Chair will notify the general membership.

Swear-In Ceremony

12 OCT

The Past President will swear in the newly-elected President. The newly-elected President will swear in all new Directors of the Board. 

NOTE:  The President appoints the Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer from the elected Board of Directors. 

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