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For Capitol Club President

Lt Col Troy “Bucket” Orwan, USAF (Ret), currently serves as Vice President of the Capitol Club Chapter, and has 27 years of experience in the electronic warfare (EW) profession, spanning the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of warfare.  An USAF electronic warfare officer (EWO) and combat parachutist with more than 2,500 hours in the EF-111A and F-15E fighter aircraft, Bucket has led combat operations throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Afghanistan.  As a Corp and Division Air Liaison Officer, he was responsible for ensuring the successful integration of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and EW operations in support of ground maneuver forces.  His team was the first to incorporate innovative multi-spectral intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) techniques and EW capabilities to counter improvised explosive devices and improve EMS operations throughout Afghanistan.  As a USAF Weapons School instructor, Bucket was recognized as a leading USAF subject matter expert on EW, radar theory/employment, low observable technologies, and integrated air defense systems exploitation.  He developed and instructed graduate level courses on the composition, operation, maintenance and employment of all USAF radar warning receivers, self-protection jammers, expendables, and decoys. Bucket’s experience extended to the development, operational testing and validation of all current fighter and rotary wing tactics, techniques and procedures and electronic attack (EA) programs for defeating radar, infrared and passive guided threat systems.


Upon retirement in 2013, Bucket accepted a position with Corvus Consulting, LLC., and currently serves as Vice President for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) Policy and Programs.  He is responsible for leading the organization’s spectrum management (SM), EW, EMSO and EMS environmental effects (E3) efforts, providing government agencies and commercial industry with focused consulting, strategic planning and technical analysis and assessment services. Bucket has supported the Office of the Secretary of Defense for the past four years, offering its leadership his tactical, operational, and strategic EMS operations experience, expertise and analysis in the advancement of the Department’s international, national, federal, commercial, departmental, and organizational strategies, policies, programs, and outreach initiatives.  As a Senior Policy Analyst, he has provided the Department with detailed operational analysis for EW/EMSO, communications, command and control (C2) and precision navigation and timing (PNT) policy and programs; non-intelligence space systems; information assurance; and emerging EMS, EW and cyber technologies.  Bucket was directly responsible for the development and implementation of DoD’s EMS and EW strategic plans and policies; the development of EMS battle management (EMBM) tools/capabilities; the establishment and presentation of DoD positions on SM, E3 programs and EW/EMSO integration to national and international regulatory forums; and the education of federal and non-federal agencies on DoD EMS/EMSO requirements and acquisition to fully support national security commitments. 

Bucket has been a member of the AOC and avid advocate for the development and fielding of effective EMSO and EW capabilities since he graduated from the USAF EWO School House in 1990.  He believes that as EMS dependent technologies and the applications for their use continue to evolve, so also must this Nation’s EMS, EW and Cyber strategies, polices, acquisitions and operations.  The AOC must play a vital role in this revolutionary evolution in EMS and Cyber operations, and Bucket believes that the Capitol Club is uniquely positioned to aid and influence these efforts.  The keys to success are simply empowering a more informed and networked membership base; building improved partnerships/teaming opportunities between EW, EMS and Cyber stakeholder/stakeholder groups from government, industry, and academia from around the National Capitol region; more actively engaging national and international stakeholders; and establishing and active STEM program that will aid local elementary, middle and high schools.  Bucket recognizes these challenges and is excited by the opportunity to lead the Capitol Club’s efforts in moving the Club forward to meet the needs of the EMS, EW and Cyber communities.

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