Maple Leaf Chapter - Ottawa

The Maple Leaf Chapter was established to promote the exchange of new ideas and information, and the dissemination of new research and knowledge in the fields of Electronic Warfare and Information Operations throughout Canadian government, industry and academia.


The AOC Capitol Club is a proud supporter of our "sister" chapter to the north by sharing content and resources of the AOC's largest chapter.


On Tuesday 26 May, Capitol Club President Geoff Leighton was the guest of honor at the Maple Leaf Chapter BBQ in Ottawa, Canada. This was the culmination of approximately two years of reaching out to Canadian business people, members of the Armed Forces and the Department of National Defense to generate interest in resurrecting the Maple Leaf Chapter from its non-functioning status. About 80 keen and enthusiastic members of the Chapter were present and after a few introductory remarks by both chapter presidents formal “twinning” documents were signed and similar plaques with both signatories were exchanged. Several of the capitol Club “hockey pucks” also found new homes with the chapter president and others.